Work distrations

This one is less about me and more about a really super fun conversation and experience with my husband.

One Friday, specifically the one before Mardi Gras, Husband and I have the following conversation (via instant message):

Husband: People are finishing up their Mardi Gras Carts for Tuesday's parade
me: wait. What?
Husband: check your mail
me: We'll find some beads for you. You totally have to post pictures
Husband: no thanks
me: it sounds absolutely hilarious. Free food! Who types in bright purple?
Husband: that would be HR
me: Not very professional, but the whole idea of it cracks me up! Where are they parading?
Husband: What's professional about wasting office hours and materials to create a "parade float" just to hand out a $10 gift card.
me: I find it rather funny (not fun though). How many people are participating
Husband: I know of at least two teams

Now, the part of the company where my husband works doesn't have a lot of work for him or the people who work in the same area as him right now. So, I understand HR wanting to create some type of team building exercise, but this was a bit too ridiculous for me to believe. Team building should be all-inclusive, and should take into consideration your audience. So, a bunch of twenty-something men probably aren't going to be interested in an arts and crafts project.

On Mardi Gras I visited my husband at work for lunch, and just happened to catch two of the four Mardi Gras. These are the two floats I got pictures of, and just so you know, the dragon one won.


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