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My Plea to Development

Good morning,

I'm writing to you today with a plea. Please stop calling me every two or three months with the pretense of updating my information and then asking for money. I owe over $75,000 in debt, and while I made that choice and I am responsible for that money, I don't have extra to give back to you right now. I work as a secretary with a Master's degree because the job market is so rough for higher ed right now. I probably won't have enough money for another 10 years. When I do have that money, you can bet that I'll give back.
I understand the studies that show if Development has relationships with young alumni, that those alumni are more willing to give once they have more income. I understand the need to update my information to make sure I'm still living and breathing and am (maybe) still employed. I appreciate the hard work it takes to develop an Annual Fund and I understand the need for the financial assistance given to students. I was one of those s…