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(D)inner conversations

From what I've been told, dinner at my parents' house can be difficult. Not because the food is bad or there isn't enough wine. It's how we talk, how we connect conversations, how we link things or ideas together that most people don't understand. My husband has told me that during the first few family dinners, he strategically kept his mouth full so he wouldn't have to participate.

Now that I have a lot of alone time, I've realized I have those same dinner conversations in my head. The topics don't always line up in a logical way, but they make sense to me, and would probably make sense if I spent the time explaining how they are linked. Here's a fun example of the past few minutes of thinking (in the order in which it was thought). I've removed some of the really off-hand stuff, like it's almost time for bed, I need to fill and freeze the kongs, and I wish Washington would calm down already.

I read "Congratulations Graduate; Eleven Rea…