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Life Lessons by Daisy

I've been slacking off in the blog area, but I've had a lot of ideas about what to post. I've come across a few blogs while surfing around the internet, and I've experienced a lot of different things since the last time I posted. One of the best posts I read was written by a woman (I'm pretty sure) who had moved from a city environment to a more suburban area (maybe), and she wrote about how her dog has taught her about life.
Daisy, my dog, has helped me a lot in the three years we've had her. We got her because I was unemployed, unmotivated, and depressed. I had just been fired from a job I hated, and couldn't figure out what to do next. I had no one to talk to during the day and no motivation to do anything while I was alone. So, we went to the local pound/rescue/shelter. We wanted to look at a beautiful dog named Bella, who was featured on their website. There were other families in line for her, so we went for a walk around the pound. There were puppi…