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I blame Russo (and music)

I blame Russo, and music and band, but more specifically Russo.

I blame her for, in part, my work ethic. I don’t like to miss work, or anything for that matter. I show up, in a decent mood, ready and willing to do what is needed every day. If I can make the drive to work, I can work.

I blame her for the need to constantly improve. The song can always be improved upon, the player can always master the instrument better. I can practice, and practice, and practice, and not be frustrated by not mastering something. For example (just one of many), I recently learned to drive a manual transmission. I was in the parking lot for over an hour, my husband became frustrated, then bored, and then napped. I wasn’t going to leave the parking lot until I had mastered it enough to be comfortable on the street. I tried over, and over, and over. I notice improvement, and I challenge myself more.

I blame her for my need of learning. Because I can always improve, it means I can always learn. There are al…