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This week presented a few issues. To begin with, it was the first week back from spring break. Then, on Monday, Daisy had a seizure (if you didn't know, she is epileptic, so this is something "normal" in our lives), which means one of us needed to stay home with her all day. My husband called in sick but needed to be on campus by noon for class, so I took a half day and left at 10 to do a switch. Then my coworker, Gina, came down with an icky illness, so she was not in the office Thursday or Friday. Friday we had an emergency on campus. On top of all of that I did not feel well for most of the week, and finally kicked the migraine by mid-Friday.

Besides all of the normal work week stuff, I also came across a job posting. Now, I haven't done a lot of job searching since being offered this position in October. I've been at my new institution for four months, and while I have checked the job boards, I haven't really considered applying to other positions. This past week I came across a few postings that held my interest, one of which I was not qualified for, but that happens. One is at my current institution, but in a different college. This poses many problems, including the question of when is it time to move on? And, if I chose to begin the moving-on phase, do I tell anyone? What I am currently doing is not necessarily what I want to do, but I'll do it for however long I need to.

My next issue is more of a first-time experience and the questions those cause and less of an actual problem. It was my first time being on a campus when an actual emergency has been announced. During my orientation, the protocols are not covered, and we have not reviewed it in my office. So, when announced, I closed and locked my door, closed my windows, and closed the curtains. I was then called to be told to move to a different/secure location (problem/issue 1). We then had very few updates beyond rumors/internet postings/gossip until we were given the all-clear (issue 2). There was a big event happening on campus, and so I had two student employees arriving on campus earlier than normal. One I brought with me to the secure location and the other I contacted to stay home/away from campus. While on the phone with her, she asks "So this is real?" Apparently my institution sends out weather alerts, and students have become so accustomed to them, they don't take the alerts seriously (issue 3).


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