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Finding the fire

I don't get to use many of my student affairs talents very often, most of my student interactions come from scheduling appointments or prospective tours and visits. I see students in the hallways, but many of them don't recognize me, which is fine. But a few days ago our office received a phone call from a prospective student and her mom. The student's name was the same as mine, and she even spelled it correctly!
Her mom called us one day while I was on my way out of the office for lunch, and the information she needed could be handled by a different office so I had the student worker transfer the call. When I returned to the office I found out that she had be re-transferred up to our office again. She did not leave her number but said she would call back. I felt terrible, I thought I was helping this woman by showing her an appropriate resource but she was just jerked around. She called back the next day while I was in the restroom.
Before calling her back I called the off…

Thoughts on #dayofhighered

I started writing this blog post earlier today, and now I don't have it, so I suppose I'll start again.
I participated in #dayofhighered, and followed it as best as I could during the day. Monday brought some interesting surprises. We have our weekly office staff meeting, which created a three-page long to-do, check-up, please-remind-me list. I generally start my day with my email. I get in before most of the people in my building/college/school/etc. I get there when staff members are emptying garbage cans and the sidewalks are being pressure washed. So, I try to get as much done during that time so that when I work on stuff during the day and get interrupted I still feel productive.
Faculty can have it really rough. Classes include prep work, class time, homework review, then you have office hours, email, and stops in the hall, on top of all of that they have professional development and research and publishing requirements. They have a lot to do. There are upsides, such as te…