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A new step

Lots of goods and bads the past couple of weeks, along with beginnings and endings, which could be good or (and) bad.
I received a rejection letter from my dream job. No interview, nothin'.
Well, I can now share that I found a job! I am now a Sr. Staff Assistant at a local institution, working in a 100+ year old program with a fantastic reputation!
I started at a really slow time in the academic year, so there isn't a whole lot I can do (yet)
I meet my co-worker, who has been out on medical leave, for the first time this week
I no longer work in the restaurant business! (but I had to say goodbye to some good people)
In my first week of work I managed to get a cold, have Outlook screw up times for an appointment, have my ID number messed up, and get a flat tire
I had a terrible stomach bug this weekend, and when I finally felt better we went to the grocery store and then got pooped on by a murder of crows
I think I'll continue the blog, but change the idea. I'm going to write a…

Ignorance isn't bliss for those around it

Sorry for another late blog post, but the past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy. A few weekends ago I was at work when a table had a conversation with me, and I want to share it. At first, I just laughed at the ignorance of what was being said, but after I shared it with my coworkers, I realized how insulted some of them felt for me. I'm not offended by ignorance, or by advice from ignorant people, I can't be or I wouldn't have a job.
So, first, some background. In the restaurant where I work, there are close to 90 TVs and the radio is always on. Most of the time there are several different sports channels on the TVs and some sort of music is over the speakers. On Sundays, each TV has a football game on and the Bills game (or most popular team) is being played over the radio.
After serving the food, and while clearing plates and garbage from surrounding tables, my table starts talking to me. There are two women in their 60s as well as an older gentlemen.
Table: Does all…

Resources (or lack thereof)

Recently my graduate school sent out a survey about graduate's job placement. I was pretty honest. At the time I had applied to about 40 positions since January 1st, and had only gotten two or three interviews. I also knew of several people who graduated (with similar and different programs/degrees) who could not find permanent, full-time positions in their fields. I also knew of others, who went through similar programs and found jobs immediately after graduation. And so, as graduate school teaches us, I began to reflect. What in the world could possibly be different from my degree (from an institution not well known in the field) to a degree from a public institution (with a very strong program). We go through similar classes, with theory, diversity, and administration courses. We write similar papers, and have fantastic faculty members. But speaking with the person I know from the very strong program (we'll call it Bills University).
Bills University offers a program with a…