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Not alone

I normally try to keep these posts pretty professional. I'm not sure why. Somehow, deep down, I must think that out there somewhere someone who is reading this REALLY wants to offer me a job. And so, on and on I write about searching for that position. But, it's really scary. I'm a waitress (ok, a server). I pay, at the minimum, close to $1000 a month in student loans. I'm married, I have a mortgage, car payment, utilities, and a family to pay for. Some months I don't make enough to make ends meet. And my husband is wonderful (I don't think he really gets it though). We make it through, each month and each disaster. Even the dinner that got messed up earlier this week, we just bought calzones.
Generally the people around me don't get it. Don't get why I want to do what I want to do. "Why not go into HR? you have the skills." I don't want to get into HR, I want to work with students. I didn't study HR in grad school because students are …


Interviews are always full of questions. Questions toward the candidate, questions toward the panel or interviewer. Questions about behavior, strengths and weaknesses, preferences, money, and the list goes on. Most of the interviews I have been on include a list of questions that are asked of all of the candidates and include the normal strengths/weaknesses, what kind of manager do you prefer to work with, how would your boss describe you questions. Some interviews ask questions about behaviors, which make the interviews seem bizarre and not job-specific.
I usually go into interviews with my own questions. I do research on the office, topics, students, and institution, and find unanswered questions through that research. I have also spent time doing all of that, and not finding anything to ask. I can then come up with questions regarding the position, such as work hours, unique challenges, and what kinds of students/populations utilize the office. I've had one interview, on the ph…

An interview!

Another interview, and life got in the way. I had an interview at a great, local community college. The position would be part-time, and the interview was supposed to take an hour. I had two choices of days, Tuesday or Wednesday, between 9 and 5. I chose Wednesday at 9, thinking I should get out by 10 and be to work only a few minutes late.
That morning I found my interview clothes were still wet from the washer, and they didn't dry in time for me to leave. Daisy had a difficult time taking her medicine. And it was raining. So I threw on a dress and a shall, belted it so it would look more conservative, and ran out the door. I was there early, the interview started late. I had already had the campus tour on a previous interview, so they took me directly to the interview. I was excited, because now it should only have been 30 minutes and I could be on time for work!
The interview was very informal, which was nice. We discussed the position, my strengths and weaknesses, and what the j…

A social experiment (with brownies!)

Apparently I performed a social experiment at work this weekend. I did not mean to create a problem, or to cause any drama. I simply offered brownies.
I work on Sundays, especially Football Sundays (or Sunday Funday as we call it) and I generally work a 6 to 8 hour shift. Last year a bunch of us unofficially rotated bringing in snacks. I love to bake and cook, and I love to share the stuff I make, so I do it mostly so I can bake and share it, without feeling guilty. Football has gone on for a bunch of weeks now, and only two of us have brought in treats. Last week I spoke with Barb, the other woman who has been bringing in goodies, and we discussed a sign-up sheet for everyone to bring in something during football season.
Sunday morning I got up early and made brownies, in cupcake holders. I also created a sign-up sheet with all of the Sundays between yesterday and the end of the year. On the top of the sheet I wrote: "Want a brownie? Sign up to bring in treats for everyone else!&…

The last few days, in bullets

This week I don't have much to walk about in a large-post fashion. I wish I could have written something mind-blowing over the weekend, but I lacked the inspiration. There are, however, a lot of interesting things happening that I'd like to learn more about, or just mention. So, I've decided to do a bullet list of things that I can't write about in a paper-like fashion.
·The Occupy Wall Streeet, along with the student protests, are really interesting. I truly wish there were more brave media outlets or journalists who would investigate and report on what is happening ·I used my "network" this week to secure a recommendation from someone not only in the field but who retired from the institution to which I applied for a job ·My poor dog. I don't have kids, and really, I don't really want any at this moment (in the future, when we are more financially secure and I have a few years invested into a profession, yes), my animals are my kids. We have four cats …