New job thoughts

I started a new job on Monday. I have been asking a lot of questions, trying to connect an equal number of loose ends. So far, I have two analogies.

First: My thought process reminds me of this (light?) switch we had in our old house. It was in the kitchen, to the right of the sink. It was a series of three or four switches, we knew were all of the switches went except for one. We knew it was wired, and it was hot, but we had absolutely no idea what the switch connected to. We lived in that house for EIGHT YEARS. Left without knowing.

This is what it's been like chasing some of my questions. A question leads to an "I don't know" to a "let's talk to Susie" to "we do it because of a conversation with Jane 45 million years ago" to "ok, what do we actually *need* to do and who do we ask about it?" I know I'll have more questions. I know I don't know enough to present solutions. I still have no idea what I don't know.

Second: …


Today I attended and presented at a conference. One you probably haven't heard of. It ran from 9am-around 3:15. It included 3 sets of sessions, an opening key note, and lunch. The sessions offered a pretty wide variety of topics. The main theme (note: not a theme to which adhere, but which the entire conference was focused on) was leadership education, meaning those working with student leaders. The conference attendance was small compared to big NASPA, less than 100 people.


A few weeks ago I took a week-long social media break. I tried to not check Facebook or Twitter Friday evening-Thursday evening. Tried. I'm a news junkie so I did end up checking Twitter several times, but avoided tweeting. I avoided most of Facebook aside from one check or so a day to make sure I didn't miss an invite (but also because it's my job to be on Facebook for work and NASPA's Veterans Knowledge Community). The break was needed.


I took a week away from social media. I admit I peaked. Especially today. The political science geek in me couldn't help it. I've been thinking a lot. A lot about what I share, what I feel, and what I verbalize.


I took a look at my Twitter timeline recently and realized that I've been doing a lot of re-tweeting and not using my own voice. So, I've been thinking about it. Mainly because when I look at other people's timelines, when I'm deciding whether or not to follow them, I consider their number of retweets.

In the haze of exhaustion

My goal for this blog in 2017 was to post at least weekly, work got complicated and when I returned home at night I didn't have much energy to think or reflect or write. Starting Wednesday, February 8th until February 11th, I was at the NASPA Symposium on Military-Connected Students.

Don't burn the place down

One of my goals for this year is to write more. To let things percolate in my brain, or on paper, and then show it to all of you. Most of my blog posts are inspired by things that happen at work, which I narrow down and then find a learning moment within.