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My Job in 467 Words

How do I list on my resume what I do?
Faculty: I train faculty with the new student information system and other requirements of the university. I keep them up to date with the newest forms and regulations, sometimes on a daily basis. I send and fill out forms for them. I print and file syllabi. I store resumes and other important files for their records. I fix the copier, printers, door tags, mail items, and submit requests for facility maintenance. I hold student documents, send them to faculty and others offices for faculty. I also help put out fires, which come in the shape of students, frantic phone calls, administrative issues, event emergencies, and other offices on campus trying to solves problems.
Office: I schedule up to five students to work in the office between the hours of 10 and 4 on weekdays. I assist with assigning projects, expectations, and general work needs for the student workers. I student workers home when they don't dress appropriately. I make su…

Office Space

So, now that students are back, I figure it's time for the blog to become active again. I'll try, once again, to post on the weekends. The last two weekends in September might be a bit rough due to travel and life, but I'll try to get by. I've even started a new inspiration list! Here's my first blog during the 2012-2013 academic year on office life in academia.
Most days I really enjoy learning about the academic side of higher ed. I work with faculty, tenure-track, tenured, non-tenured, visiting, and adjunct, I work with support staff, administration, student services, and occasionally student affairs. I’ve learned that faculty work hard, mostly, and care about the students, mostly. I’ve learned that being a program/school/head chair is a lot of work and is similar to herding highly intelligent cats. I’ve learned some dispise meetings as a waste of time and other people love them because it gives them a forum. There are so many personalities that it’s hard to pinp…