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Career Path

Right now something that’s important at work is career paths. My title is seemingly part of a larger career ladder, but there is no official “career ladder”. I recently attended a meeting where someone from Human Resources claimed that it was being worked on. She also said that they were looking at careers here as a whole, not just as a linear line. She explained that people of my position may not go directly up the career ladder (whatever that is) but may climb through a network of different positions and responsibilities.

I appreciate that someone is thinking in terms of the big picture. Not all people who are staff assistants are really meant to be staff assistants in 15 years. Some want somewhere to go, new challenges, better pay. Some may be comfortable doing it for the next 20 years, and that’s a good thing because we all need competent assistants.

My career path hasn’t been much of a path, it’s been more like a jungle gym. I’ve gone piece to piece hoping that I’m on the right pla…