A fairytale!

I have a wonderful fairytale for you today. All inspired by current conditions at my institution. There are lots of changes happening and I have spent some time reflecting on those changes.

Once upon a time there was a merry band of misfits wandering around in their very familiar territory, the wooded lands of Quarterdom. Quarterdom was a vast place with many varieties of flora and fauna, and even hundreds of tiny bands of misfits. These bands of misfits could be very set in their ways and incredibly stubborn. One day the council of misfits decided that it was time to move. There was fresh, undiscovered land on the other side of a muddy stream called Regsem. The council saw fit to create many committees to assist with the move, and these committees decided to make the move in small batches. Some brave explorers would be the first to cross, and then they would teach everyone on what was on the other side.

Then one day, the council of misfits decided on a specific day to begin the move of the entire population. There was, however, a plan to move the entire population of Quarterdom across the stream; first the leaders and all of their helpers would move, and then the families. Slowly the leaders  began to approach the stream, and then each misfit had a choice. There were three options: learn to build a bridge, walk through the water, or to stay in Quarterdom until the last possible moment. There were also different attitudes to have about crossing the stream, some were very negative about the change, remember the part about being stubborn, other were excited about the change, as it would bring new opportunities, and some were just scared, they were so used to living in Quarterdom, would they be able to live the same way in Regsem?

This fairytale ends with the whole population moving into Regsem, but unfortunately there is no middle part about crossing the stream. I would hope the leaders of each band of misfits would choose to learn to build a bridge, helping the families behind them the chance to enjoy the change positively. I am of the opinion, as well, that those leaders who choose to be negative, regardless of their crossing choice, will just spread negativity. Each attitude choice, I think, will affect those coming behind them, and I only hope, for the sake of the entire population, that the positive attitudes will rule the day.

PS -- my next blog post will have pictures of work cart parade floats


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