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Who's on First?

You call the doctor’s office and tell the receptionist that you need an appointment and that any appointment will do. The receptionist looks at the calendar and says “Ok, we’ll put you down for Monday at 11am” You: Well, Mondays don’t usually work. Is there another time? Receptionist: Of course! How’s Tuesday at 3pm? You: Tuesday afternoons are busy for me. What about Wednesday, anytime on Wednesday. Receptionist: We only have a few spots available on Wednesday, is 10:30am ok? You: No, I have another appointment from 9am to noon. I’m sorry about that. Do you have anything available on Thursday? Receptionist: Yes, but the doctor only works a half day on Thursday, and then spends time at the hospital. How does 8:30am look for you? You: Well I have a lot of appointments on Thursday, especially in the morning. I guess Thursday won’t work. Friday I don’t come into work, so I think it would be hard to schedule an appointment with you. Can we go back to Monday?
The above is kind of like an Abbott an…

Always learning

This week presented a few issues. To begin with, it was the first week back from spring break. Then, on Monday, Daisy had a seizure (if you didn't know, she is epileptic, so this is something "normal" in our lives), which means one of us needed to stay home with her all day. My husband called in sick but needed to be on campus by noon for class, so I took a half day and left at 10 to do a switch. Then my coworker, Gina, came down with an icky illness, so she was not in the office Thursday or Friday. Friday we had an emergency on campus. On top of all of that I did not feel well for most of the week, and finally kicked the migraine by mid-Friday.
Besides all of the normal work week stuff, I also came across a job posting. Now, I haven't done a lot of job searching since being offered this position in October. I've been at my new institution for four months, and while I have checked the job boards, I haven't really considered applying to other positions. This pa…

Work distrations

This one is less about me and more about a really super fun conversation and experience with my husband.
One Friday, specifically the one before Mardi Gras, Husband and I have the following conversation (via instant message):
Husband: People are finishing up their Mardi Gras Carts for Tuesday's parade me: wait. What? Husband: check your mail me: We'll find some beads for you. You totally have to post pictures Husband: no thanks me: it sounds absolutely hilarious. Free food! Who types in bright purple? Husband: that would be HR me: Not very professional, but the whole idea of it cracks me up! Where are they parading? Husband: What's professional about wasting office hours and materials to create a "parade float" just to hand out a $10 gift card. me: I find it rather funny (not fun though). How many people are participating Husband: I know of at least two teams
Now, the part of the company where my husband works doesn't have a lot of work for him or the people who work in …

A fairytale!

I have a wonderful fairytale for you today. All inspired by current conditions at my institution. There are lots of changes happening and I have spent some time reflecting on those changes.
Once upon a time there was a merry band of misfits wandering around in their very familiar territory, the wooded lands of Quarterdom. Quarterdom was a vast place with many varieties of flora and fauna, and even hundreds of tiny bands of misfits. These bands of misfits could be very set in their ways and incredibly stubborn. One day the council of misfits decided that it was time to move. There was fresh, undiscovered land on the other side of a muddy stream called Regsem. The council saw fit to create many committees to assist with the move, and these committees decided to make the move in small batches. Some brave explorers would be the first to cross, and then they would teach everyone on what was on the other side.
Then one day, the council of misfits decided on a specific day to begin the move …