Music, silence, and noise

So this morning I read this article by Dean Dad inInside Higher Ed.

It made me think a lot about this week. And last week. It’s been kind of slow around here,
which I’ve been told is normal around this time. Spring break is close and then the end of the year approaches, which I’ve been told can be a crazy time of year.

Normally, as I work in my office and get all sorts of things accomplished, I listen to Pandora. I have several stations to listen to, ranging from classical, symphonic, to acapella, and rock. But this week, I haven’t put it on once. The quiet is really relaxing and calming, with everything else going on in life (my husband and I are hosting the largest gathering ever at our home this weekend) the quiet is really nice.

The quiet also allows me to pay attention to the other things happening in the building and outside in the hallway. I’m located at the top of an open stairwell, so I hear lots of things. It’s interesting to listen to students and faculty as they pass in the hallway.

Anyway, this is just a quick thought regarding music and silence. Hey, at least I’m attempting to post more. On a side note… this weekend’s post will include a fun event at my husband’s place of work!


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