Event planning and life lessons

When you plan a wedding there are so many things to do. Among them are choosing outfits, food, cake, favors, music, dates, a wedding venue and reception hall. Now, when you begin planning a wedding there are a few things that come first, without these first few steps planning for a wedding can come to a stand still. Generally the couple picks the time frame, say, the month of June. Then they visit reception halls and choose their venues, when they've picked a hall/church/country club they then choose an exact date. After this takes place, everything else can fall together nicely.

The couple, generally, isn't going to make a choice about food (ex: we need to serve steak, chicken parm, and pasta primavera), before finding a place to serve the food. They won't pick a specific date, unless it's an exception or a couple with very specific needs, until they have some sort of venue. Rooms, venues, a place to actually host an event, need to be the very first thing established, otherwise nothing else can be planned.

Planning other events can generally follow the same pattern as planning a wedding, the actual venue being the most important part (to me, as the event planner).

Along with a learning curve about the differences in event planning, I'm doing a lot of other learning. I finished grad school over a year ago, but I try hard to stay current in the student affairs field, and I also really love to learn. I started learning to ice skate and play hockey in early December. I fell a lot, so much so that I was considering the possibility that I actually broke my tailbone (one of the cats stepped on it one night and it hurt so bad!). However, growing up as a musician I understand the value of practice and being stubborn, and I have improved... a lot. I can skate upright, fall a lot less often, and even have some confidence. I think I need to find a way to take all of the lessons I've been learning on Sundays and apply them to work. Sometimes work makes me very frustrated. There is repetition, redundancy, and inefficient practices everywhere, some days, like today, I just leave frustrated and upset.

PS -- I apologize for the lack of weekly Sunday posts. Sundays are hockey lesson days, and we've been spending them with friends. My schedule should get back to normal soon. Or, I'll make a new one.


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