I took a week away from social media. I admit I peaked. Especially today. The political science geek in me couldn't help it. I've been thinking a lot. A lot about what I share, what I feel, and what I verbalize.

At home we've been working through the Star Wars series, watching hockey and baseball, and seeing friends and family. One thing I've noticed is that we always hope for a cavalry. We hope for the Ents or the Eagles. We hope for the Asgardians. We hope for air support. We hope the relief pitcher can control his pitches. We hope that the goal is on his game. We hope. We just hope.

I hope the Senate does what the Senate was built for - the saucer which cools the tea. It takes radical bills from the hot headed sibling, tempers and tames them, and sends the bills back on their way. I hope my Senators choose to listen to constituents who believe the things I believe in, as opposed to the people who believe the things my family members believe.

I hope that after the next elections some of this damage can be repaired.

I hope that the environment, health care, children, and the world can wait that long.


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