A few weeks ago I took a week-long social media break. I tried to not check Facebook or Twitter Friday evening-Thursday evening. Tried. I'm a news junkie so I did end up checking Twitter several times, but avoided tweeting. I avoided most of Facebook aside from one check or so a day to make sure I didn't miss an invite (but also because it's my job to be on Facebook for work and NASPA's Veterans Knowledge Community). The break was needed.
I felt too tied to it. My brain was more peaceful during and after.

This past Saturday I spent the entire day with a family I had never met before, knowing only one person (a friend who invited me out). While I did end up with a headache (or mild migraine, I had symptoms of both) toward the end of the evening, I felt so energized the next day. I didn't think much about work or any of the other stuff weighing me down. I had solid conversations about current events, politics, law, family, wine, and beer. We were in the Finger Lakes, so the last two were mandatory.

Sunday I laughed. I had a good time. I was happy. I miss that person. So, what's next? More vacation. More breaks. More laughing.


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