A new step

Lots of goods and bads the past couple of weeks, along with beginnings and endings, which could be good or (and) bad.

I received a rejection letter from my dream job. No interview, nothin'.

Well, I can now share that I found a job! I am now a Sr. Staff Assistant at a local institution, working in a 100+ year old program with a fantastic reputation!

I started at a really slow time in the academic year, so there isn't a whole lot I can do (yet)

I meet my co-worker, who has been out on medical leave, for the first time this week

I no longer work in the restaurant business! (but I had to say goodbye to some good people)

In my first week of work I managed to get a cold, have Outlook screw up times for an appointment, have my ID number messed up, and get a flat tire

I had a terrible stomach bug this weekend, and when I finally felt better we went to the grocery store and then got pooped on by a murder of crows

I think I'll continue the blog, but change the idea. I'm going to write about my learning experiences, and professional growth. I can't name names, or exact projects, but I should hopefully learn lots that will continue my education on higher education!


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