The last few days, in bullets

This week I don't have much to walk about in a large-post fashion. I wish I could have written something mind-blowing over the weekend, but I lacked the inspiration. There are, however, a lot of interesting things happening that I'd like to learn more about, or just mention. So, I've decided to do a bullet list of things that I can't write about in a paper-like fashion.

·         The Occupy Wall Streeet, along with the student protests, are really interesting. I truly wish there were more brave media outlets or journalists who would investigate and report on what is happening
·         I used my "network" this week to secure a recommendation from someone not only in the field but who retired from the institution to which I applied for a job
·         My poor dog. I don't have kids, and really, I don't really want any at this moment (in the future, when we are more financially secure and I have a few years invested into a profession, yes), my animals are my kids. We have four cats and a dog. Daisy has had three seizures since February, has been to the vet more times than I care to remember and has donated quite a bit of blood to the cause. Now she has problems with one of her ears, and she has to go back to the vet. She's quite a trooper though.
·         "Winter is coming". Yes, it's unfortunate. It means a lot of changes, including the weather. But it also means that the hiring cycle (which hasn't really wound down yet) should start to really slow down in anticipation of next year's budgeting/hiring cycle
·         I've applied to another part-time, minimum-wage job. We need the money pretty desperately and I don't mind working. Someone claimed it was good for character building. I'm just really ready for a professional position.
·         My husband is extremely frustrated with work right now. I wish there was more I could do to help. There must be some parallel to what he and I are going through, but it just sucks.


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