A week of new things

Two weeks ago this Monday (tomorrow) I had my second interview of the job search. It was with a small community college in the area for a part-time job.

The interview was an interesting experience.  There were five professional staff members on the interview panel, most of who have worked at the college for about five years, and many of who have done the job the interview was for. I had to ask for some of the essential information, such as how many hours the position required and where the position would be located (as there is more than one location for the institution). Most of the people in the interview wore very casual clothing, such as Capri pants and flip-flops, which was surprising, but also shows a relaxed work culture. There were beverages available as well as a few food items, mostly muffins. During the interview they told me that they would forward their recommendations onto the position's supervisor and that he would call me if interested in a second interview.  The position starts September 1st, so if they wanted to contact me it would have to be soon, no point in worrying about it.

Three days after the interview I sent in a hand-written thank you, and then forgot, or rather, I stopped worrying about it. There has been much rejection, and even more experiences of no contact, so I wasn't hopeful. However, Friday brought good tidings, as I was called in for a second interview. This is very exciting news, but I am still not hopeful. The last (and only other) interview I have participated in was rather informal and I was not contacted again for several weeks. That was disappointing, even though I did not particularly want that position.

This past week I have also submitted my first serious out-of-state position, located in Orlando, Florida. It was exciting to do some research on a new institution. I almost want to hear back about that posting, but I also have a few positions at other local institutions pending, as well as the one I'm interviewing for on Monday.


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