10,000 B.C.E. and The Tropics

10,000 B.C.E.: Ok, not really that long ago, more like the early 1990s. The computers went down at work during a lunch this week. It revealed a lot about what the past few years has taught me, mainly: don't panic. While going to graduate school, planning a wedding, and working 30 hours the main goal was to the get through the day/hour/course/reading/shift. It requires flexibility, multitasking, and leadership. Flexibility to change plans, schedules, meals, etc. At first I thought the whole experience taught me a lot about my coworkers, but then I reflected and realized it showed me a lot about myself.

 If a shift runs long or a reading takes more time than set aside, other things need to move around. The computers were down, so we had to write down our orders, hand them to the kitchen, do our own calculations, and so on. Multitasking was a huge skill, because while driving home I had to figure out what was next, or days off required laundry, dinner, reading, and preparing for work. At work the other day we all had to multitask, we had to figure out a new system, take orders, help each other, and not go crazy. Leadership skills show themselves in so many ways, but while at work it meant taking time to help or guide someone new to the non-computer system, or calming someone down during a negative encounter, or simply staying calm during the storm.

The Tropics: My first thought was to write about the hurricane and how it's affecting higher ed. But, in all reality, it isn't affecting me personally or many of the local institutions. I do hope that everyone stays as safe as possible. However, I am going to write about the plethora of opportunities posted this week, instead of a dessert, it was the tropics. I've applied to four positions, three in the area and one in Virginia. There are many different openings open, some of which I don't qualify for and others at institutions where an application is still pending. So, as of right now, I have quite a few different opportunities waiting in the universe, which is a nice thought to have.

However, I need to buy new shoes for work. As I have told several people, I *know* once I buy good shoes for work (at least $50) I will have some type of opportunity available to me. I'm just going to bite the bullet.


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