I took a look at my Twitter timeline recently and realized that I've been doing a lot of re-tweeting and not using my own voice. So, I've been thinking about it. Mainly because when I look at other people's timelines, when I'm deciding whether or not to follow them, I consider their number of retweets.

So. Again. I've been thinking about it. Thinking about why I tweet, and what I tweet, and what I share, and how I think about what I share. My initial conclusion is that other people have better words than me, and so I'm just sharing those thoughts. But, then I started to think about it some more. Because I have good words. Most of the time. I think.

On top of not tweeting much, I also haven't been keeping up with either blog. The goal was a post a week, and then my work life imploded. I came home with my brain fried and the only physical exertion I could handle was cooking dinner and then sitting on the couch. I went to a conference. Things got better at work. And then I got caught up. And then we jumped on the registration cycle and now I'm back on the couch eating Lucky Charms for dinner.

But I have been writing. I write emails. I write emails all day long. I also file a lot of emails, but that's less writing and more reading. I text people. Sometimes a lot. I write instructions, processes, guidelines, and data in Excel spreadsheets. But with all the things going on in the world, and all the thoughts in my brain, I'm finding it's hard to organize my thoughts. I'm not sure what I want to share, what I'm thinking, or who I should say things to.

So maybe I'll find my voice again when I can sort out my thoughts. Until then, I'm going to continue to share other people's thought and articles I find interesting and maybe you'll find them interesting, too.


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