My Student Veteran

When I was an undergrad I was an RA (shocker, I know). Husband started taking classes at a private institution around the same time I realized I could do this whole higher ed administration thing. So, part of his program was to take a calculus series. He took one course at a time, and in order to attend them he had to show up to his shift 2 hours early in order to leave 2 hours early. This meant he needed to get up stupid early so he showered at night and wore a ball cap to work and class.

So this math class had a teacher, another shocker I know. And this teacher was an ass. He would make comments like "if you don't understand this, you had better practice saying 'do you want fries with that?'" He had a no-hats-in-class policy, and instead of treating husband like an adult, would knock on the brim and quip "no hats in class!" At some point, I don't remember what the final straw was I insisted that we needed to tell someone about the horrendous behavior of this faculty member. We did. We sent it to the Dean of the school. Apparently, it even made it to the Provost for discussion.

Husband continued taking classes one at a time. That takes a very, very long time in case you didn't know. He stopped working for the company that was helping to pay for it, so he stopped going to college. He worked, like most adults. Then he got hurt, and his company treated him and his injury like crap and we were running out of money. So, he looked into going to school at the local community college via the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Three semesters and a few part-time jobs later, he graduated! And then he found a job in his field! And now he's walking across the stage. And I'm very, very proud.

This will be the first time he walks across a stage (or a field).

TL;DR: Student veterans are awesome, have diverse paths, and rely on their education benefits. Don't screw it up.


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