Intro to my #NASPA14 Experience

  • I took vacation time to attend and paid for everything with my own money
  • My roommate reached out to me about sharing a room, we went to grad school together
  • I knew Knowledge Communities existed, but had no idea how to get involved
  • I have no idea how the sessions were organized or categorized
  • I attended two of the first-time attendee things, the “orientation” and the “no host dinner” on Sunday. I found neither very helpful.
  • Region II. I apparently live and work within Region II. There is some organizational structure and conference planned by the region, there were also events. I learned about all of this not from anything at the conference, but because of my roommate.
  • There are sessions for mid-level professionals, chief student affairs officers, and senior student affairs officers.
  • I was registered for TPE and only planned on being at TPE on Sunday or Saturday, however I was offered a position and withdrew from it.
  • Things future blog posts will be about:
    • Student veterans
    • Lenses and theoretical frameworks
    • Critique of my experience as a first-time attendee
    • Cultural capital of the association and conference experience

      My budget:

      NASPA registration75
      NASPA14 registration410


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