I blame Russo (and music)

I blame Russo, and music and band, but more specifically Russo.

I blame her for, in part, my work ethic. I don’t like to miss work, or anything for that matter. I show up, in a decent mood, ready and willing to do what is needed every day. If I can make the drive to work, I can work.

I blame her for the need to constantly improve. The song can always be improved upon, the player can always master the instrument better. I can practice, and practice, and practice, and not be frustrated by not mastering something. For example (just one of many), I recently learned to drive a manual transmission. I was in the parking lot for over an hour, my husband became frustrated, then bored, and then napped. I wasn’t going to leave the parking lot until I had mastered it enough to be comfortable on the street. I tried over, and over, and over. I notice improvement, and I challenge myself more.

I blame her for my need of learning. Because I can always improve, it means I can always learn. There are always new techniques and new teachers to talk to. I can become a better leader in the office, a better writer, and better listener. There are ways to learn, and learning is fun, because improving and learning makes me a better person.

I blame her for my high expectations. I expect the best out of myself, and therefore everyone I work with. It’s not possible every day, but every day we should strive to be the best we can that day. It’s not ok to make a habit of being lazy. It’s not ok to show up unprepared. It’s not ok to let the band down, because everyone has bad days, everyone is tired, and it’s selfish to set the band behind because you think you’re more important than the band.

So, this woman, who we thought was giant and imposing (she’s what? 5’2”?), helped make me who I am. She has had a direct impact on how successful I am, or how I feel I am. I always have bigger goals, because I can always improve. I can realize how bad I am and how far I’ve come, because in 4th grade we could play 5 notes, and in High School we were winning national music awards. My “band” might be smaller now, and I may be the conductor some of the time, but I know how to be a good leader and a good team player because of Russo.


  1. Chelsea, I knew this same Russo 20 years ago and her influence lives in me and now my children every single day. So awesome of you to post =)


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