My Job in 467 Words

How do I list on my resume what I do?


I train faculty with the new student information system and other requirements of the university. I keep them up to date with the newest forms and regulations, sometimes on a daily basis. I send and fill out forms for them. I print and file syllabi. I store resumes and other important files for their records. I fix the copier, printers, door tags, mail items, and submit requests for facility maintenance. I hold student documents, send them to faculty and others offices for faculty. I also help put out fires, which come in the shape of students, frantic phone calls, administrative issues, event emergencies, and other offices on campus trying to solves problems.

I schedule up to five students to work in the office between the hours of 10 and 4 on weekdays. I assist with assigning projects, expectations, and general work needs for the student workers. I student workers home when they don't dress appropriately. I make sure their birthdays are celebrated. I make sure the faculty and students don't accuse or tell at them. I strive to make it the best office visit a student has, every visit, every day. I work hard to make sure I am, and the students are, positive about all of the changes taking place around the institute.

I cover for my coworker, program chairs, and administrative chairs when needed. I update the schools webpage, along with the events, news, and faculty pages. I upload videos to YouTube and share those links. I send lots mass emails to faculty, staff, and students. I keep several calendars and am at the beck and call of two administrators all day. I take messages, sort mail, return phone calls, play private investigator, and make sure we're prepared for anything that walks through the door.

I try to make sure policies are followed. I participate in a university-wide committee. I help the Deans office if needed and assist with university-wide and college-wide events. I visit webpages and websites of other offices daily. Sometimes I find bugs and report them. I connect with several offices daily, and in my short time have several resources I know by name.

Professional Development:
I follow #sachat on twitter and read Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle  daily. I attend an institute committee. I attempt to utilize university resources to continue to make connections with my peers.

So, for future positions and for those doing the interviewing: I have transferrable skills. While this is not what I want to do for the long-term, I strive to do it to the best of my ability every day. My title might not sound big, but everything I do can be transferred to a student affairs position. I promise.


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